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The Real Embarrassment of American Politics

Newt Gingrich is getting a lot of heat these days since news of his polyamorous ways have surfaced. In fact, he’s been called an embarrassment to the Republican party by New Jersey Governor. Chris Christie.  Personally, I think being called an embarrassment to the party would be embarrassing enough to make me give it up. Other than being embarrassing, he’s also delusional if he thinks he can win the nomination and White House in November. You heard it here first.

Because he is an embarrassment. Truth be told, I’m not a registered Republican so take everything I write in this article with a grain of salt, but I’m embarrassed for the Republican party. Similar to the embarrassment I felt for Republicans when Herman Cain bombed and tanked last fall. (I was also embarrassed for Black Republicans and winced every time I saw him on the front page of Huffington Post or CNN because I knew it was just more bad news.)

Just like I’m sure Democrats were embarrassed when news of John Edwards’ affair was uncovered. An affair that took place during his run for the Presidency and resulted in a pregnancy while his now deceased wife battled cancer. An affair that lead to a costly cover up and ramifications that have not yet been determined because of a “heart condition” diagnosis. (And by “heart condition” I mean “I don’t buy it.”) He’s an embarrassment and I don’t know a single person who’d disagree with that statement. Hopefully, he finds his actions and behavior to be as disgusting as most Americans think they are. Hopefully, he’s working on rebuilding a relationship with his children and not trying to sleazeball his way out of his legal troubles with a manufactured health condition.

Newt Gingrich, like John Edwards and nearly every politician embarrasses some members of their affiliated party at some point in time. It either happens en route to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or soon thereafter because in an attempt to govern this country whether it be in a federal, state or municipal level, they have to project an image of the highest morality in order to be elected. Lawmakers can’t be as immoral or more immoral than the rest of us lowly commoners because then our laws would reflect that kind of sick society, where no one of moral character cares to involve herself or himself in politics.

Isn’t that part of the problem? It’s a dirty job and having a big ego is part of the job description. A person runs for the Office of the Presidency because he/she thinks she knows what’s best for the country. Yes, they’re smart. Smart enough to make their opponents look incompetent, smart enough to have even smarter people in the wings feeding them the right information.  Smart enough to know we’ve got to like them, their ideas and believe they can get the job done. Smart enough to know they have to lie.

Did you get that? Because they’re lying to us and not just about who they’re sleeping with and who they love. They lie about everything; I’m embarrassed for us all. Our political system is a joke. Watching the interactions between GOP frontrunners is as entertaining as the first season of Jersey Shore. And what I mean by that is that it was funny for the first 45 minutes, until it stopped being funny and started being scary. The joke has always been on us. Here we are, tricked into thinking that this (politics and reality tv) is real, when the guys in front of the camera know it’s all for show. Jersey Shore isn’t funny for the image of New Jersey, Italian Americans, or any American since they’ve taken their act out of the country. And our broken political system isn’t funny for Democrats when guys like Newt Gingrich set their eyes on the prize. It isn’t funny when one party prays the other drops the ball, just so they can pick it up.

I’m not saying our political leaders have to be perfect. I’m saying I want this two-party system to work in the way it was designed. I expect the best of the GOP to represent the GOP and go head to head with President Obama. I expect these politicians to earn their votes into office, uphold their duty to the people and the Constitution. I expect the parties to make each other stronger, to make our government better and more effective. I’m saying it’s a cold day in January when the GOP candidates are this bleak. It’s a cold day for Democrats and it’s a cold day for Republicans. It’s also embarrassing.


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