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Girls Gone Racist. Can We Bring Them Back?

Seriously. Watch this. It’s pretty long. I was about to advise you not to watch the entire video but there’s no need. It’s so incredibly racist and hateful that I doubt most people could make it halfway. Consider that your warning.

Apparently, two girls in Gainesville, Fl, in pursuit of their fifteen minutes of fame spewed hateful and racist commentary about Black people. All of which we have all heard before: Black people manipulate the welfare system. (According to these girls, only 20-30 of white people are on welfare.) Black people are stupid. Black people don’t graduate from high school. (According to these girls, 60% of the students at their high school are Black but 90% of graduating seniors are white. They cite no evidence.) Most of the crime is done by Black people. There’s a difference between Black people and niggers. They can’t get jobs. They can’t make money. They keep having kids. They don’t talk right. They’re niggers.

Who else has a headache right now?

I wanted to write a letter to the 350-400 people following these girls on Youtube. I wanted to counter every claim they presented with factual evidence. But this isn’t a debate. People who make such claims aren’t interested in the facts. Neither are the people who listen to them. So my plea is to each of you reading this to do something to combat bigotry of every kind. I’m going to stop

I did a little research. Gainesville High School is 37% Black and 49% White, 8% Hispanic and 4% Asian. I couldn’t find any statistics that breaks down the graduation rate by ethnicity but I’m willing to bet that the white students don’t make up 90% of graduates. Not when Gainesville High School has a graduation rate of 90%. Ninety percent of the 90% who graduate make up less than half the population? Maybe these girls misread something. I also really want to fight the urge to draw attention to the fact that when the Cuban-American was adding the percentages of 60 and 10 to calculate the remaining percent for white students she had difficulty. I really want to make her feel stupid for saying, “We are talking normal. We are talking with eligible.”

I won’t. Because I know whatever gut level reaction to hurt someone who has hurt me, also hurts me. It’s a vicious cycle of hurting each other and all we’re left with is a sick and hurt humanity who can’t find anything in anyone to love. That doesn’t make it easy. In fact, when the girl in the background joined in with, “They’re niggers,” I was floored by their cruelty and ignorance. It was easier for me to summon the hate when I closed my eyes but when I looked at them, all I could see was youth. It’s hard to hate a child. They don’t know better because they weren’t taught better. But we could all look back to our childhoods and find something we were taught about a different group of people that goes against the grain of truth and love most of us hold today.

This video is the timeless rage from a white person towards a group of Black people. It’s sad. But listen closely, it’s Black against white and Black against Latino, and American against immigrant, and Cuban against Mexican, and “other” Black against African American. It’s also hate against hate. It’s I hate that you hate me so I hate you. It’s I hate that you hate them so I hate you. And that’s how you get two 14 year old girls making Youtube videos about how Blacks manipulate the welfare system. No doubt they’ve heard the debates from Republican leaders in pursuit of the Presidential nomination but I bet they heard it at home, too.

And for the record, the statistics from USDA Jan 2012 indicate that for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps, 34% of participants are White, 22% are African American, not Hispanic; 17% are Hispanic, 4% are Native American, 2% are Asian; and 18% are of unknown ethnicity. No matter what your individual beliefs are about the SNAP program or universal healthcare or welfare benefits across the board, I, for one am glad we live in a society that chooses to help people when they are faced with unemployment or underemployment and escalating living costs. And I don’t care about the color of recipients. I care only that the money is there to help them until they are able to stand on their own two feet.

I wanted to write a letter to the 350-400 people following these girls on Youtube. I wanted to counter every claim they presented with factual evidence. But this isn’t a debate. People who make such claims aren’t interested in the facts. Neither are the people who listen to them. So my plea to each of you is to combat bigotry with respect and kindness. Take a look at your life. Is there a group of people that you don’t respect or secretly hate? Who’s the target of your frustration and resentment?

Undocumented immigrants? Blacks? Koreans? Mexicans? Germans? Vietnamese? Colombians? Whites? Gays? Republicans? Democrats? Fundamentalist Christians? Zionists? Catholics? Jews? Buddhists? Muslims? Sikhs? Arabs? People with made up names? People who speak proper English? People who don’t speak proper English? People who don’t speak English at all? Fat people? People draining the healthcare system? Smokers? Alcoholics? Drug addicts? People on welfare? People who work for corporations and make more money than you would in a month? Pro lifers? Pro choicers? Racists? Homophobes?

Love them anyway. Don’t be fooled into thinking what you do is better than what they do. The comments on this Youtube video, the comments the girl read from viewers, were just as vile as the things she said. I don’t understand people like this but I don’t hate them. I hate what they represent but more than that I wonder how they got there and how we bring them back.

Any ideas?


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5 thoughts on “Girls Gone Racist. Can We Bring Them Back?

  1. My grandma always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” With that in mind… *crickets*

    Posted by cts | February 22, 2012, 11:11 pm
  2. *Chirp Chirp*

    Posted by Bella | February 23, 2012, 12:46 pm
  3. As a Yankee, I visited Florida as a child. Every other word out of my southern Caucasian brethren was N- this and N- that. I was surprised that of all the topics in the world to chat with strangers about, they just had to pick that one. Maybe it was some type of membership drive test?

    Watching the video created by these two girls, I feel like nothing has changed. I guess we’ll visit Disneyland rather than Disneyworld for this year’s vacation. I’m definitely not interested in exposing my family to this behavior. It might be considered unreasonable to tar an entire state based on the behavior of two girls but it’s not really worth it to me to or my family to test the theory that other people just might be mature, tolerant and respectful to visiting strangers.

    It seemed to me that these two girls were very dedicated to their beliefs and any forced apology should not be taken seriously. If they were my neighbors, I would avoid acknowledging them, allowing my children to play with them or associating with them in any way.

    America is a great country because of tolerance and cooperation. Using a free resource to distribute hate speech should be a crime. They used to consider it so if you mailed threatening letters. Perhaps it is time to update Internet laws again. Clearly some people cannot be trusted to do the right thing when given an opportunity.

    Posted by John Doe | February 23, 2012, 2:04 pm
    • John Doe,

      I love Florida. The remarks of these young girls doesn’t diminish that love — just as seeing Confederate flags in eastern NC doesn’t detract me from the beach. (It’s my home state.) Yes, it makes me slightly uncomfortable but refusing to go to a place that I love because racism is flown in the open air gives them exactly what they want. People like this are in every state and while we often think they’re contained in the South — they’re not. (I think I heard the KKK headquarters are in the Midwest. That was quite a shocker.)

      But I hear Disneyland is better than Disney World enjoy your California vacation.

      And one more thing: They’re not sorry for what they said. They’re only sorry that people are threatening them and that they’ve been kicked out of school. Life goes on. Soon enough all of this will die down, but it will not have changed their hearts — they’ll only be closet racists.

      Posted by Bella | February 23, 2012, 5:17 pm


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