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Well, I Tried.

“Don’t try to do it; just do it.” These eight words had the distinct possibility of changing my life when I first heard them over four years ago. To a certain degree, it did. I’ve always remembered these words. They’ve constantly served as a charge, encouragement to act, to fully commit to life. And yet, … Continue reading

Getting out of the Motherhood Time Trap

When I made the decision to relocate to my family home in North Carolina to focus on my writing and help raise my nephew I thought life would become a lot less complicated. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Being a full-time surrogate (and single) mother for an eleven year old boy is exhibit A … Continue reading

When My Sister Asked to Give My Eulogy

How we stumbled into a conversation on giving each others eulogies, I’ll never know. Leave it to my sister to depress someone into the depths of despair by bringing up their inevitable death. I bet she really does sit over in her house and dream up plans to ruin a perfectly good day. On more … Continue reading

The Gift of a Palm Reading

We gathered around a spread of figs and cheese, chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies and candied coconut. A much-needed ladies’ night for old friends and new. Later that night I quietly thanked myself for pulling it together and getting out of the house as I was reminded how endearing it is to create the space … Continue reading

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